Friday, February 17, 2006

Quick update

It's been so busy lately. We sold our home, and have staked a claim on property in Texas. I figure we'll need to be out of our current place some time near the end of April. We'll rent for a while in a place near where we live now before heading down some time in the summer. So in the next several weeks we'll have to get all of our stuff out of our place and put some in storage and get rid of some.

Because of the move--the busy-ness of the coming weeks and the shortness of time until we leave for Texas--my wife, Kim, and I are slowly backing out of our ministry responsibilities. I'm also still looking for employment in Texas--nothing for sure yet. Thankfully I have made some connections with people in upper management, who are letting others know about my job hunt. For the past 18 months or so, Kim and I have felt assured this is God's will, so we know He won't lead us astray. He may not work on our timetable, but He's never late. Kim is pretty much assured of employment, so I'm thankful for that. My position with my current company is by no means assured. There have been several downsizings since I've been in my current division, and from what I can see I'm very near to being the next one out whenever another downsizing occurs. So I'll most definitely need to find another job one way or the other. It doesn't look good for my current company--there are very few job openings of any kind available in the whole country, and nothing for my skills. Oh well. God has known this day would come.

We also have made slow but sure progress in our adoption paperwork. The dossier is a threatening pile of to-dos, but we know we have to take it one step at a time.

Our ongoing challenge with our medical insurance continues. I don't know how many hours I've spent on the phone trying to straighten things out. And each time it seems to be fixed, either something else happens with that situation or another problem develops with a different medical issue.

I do want to keep this blog going, and believe I will once things settle down a bit. Many thanks to those of you who still stop in every now and then to see how it's going or to say hello. God bless you, and God willing I'll be back.


At 11:41, Blogger eph2810 said...

Well, I still have subscribed to your RSS feed, so I know when you post :).
I know that God will lead you to a job that is fulfilling to you and is just the right one. Like you said, God is never late. His timing is perfect.:)
I hope that your adoption will go work out soon. It will be a blessing to the child...
Living in His grace~Eph2810

At 12:45, Anonymous Eric said...

Jeff! It is good to see you back! I know that God has been with you in all the "busyness"...we will be praying for you as you work on your dossier. I know it's a long time but it trust is all worth the final results! In His Name...Erc

At 15:21, Blogger The Complimenting Commenter said...

I hope that you continue to post and I hope that you had a fantabulous birthday yesterday! It's the same as mine!!

At 08:02, Blogger Jude said...

Here from C.C.'s blog to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good move!

At 10:52, Anonymous cassie-b said...

Happy Birthday!

And good luck on the Texas move. I lived there a while back and loved it.

At 17:08, Blogger Cybez said...

(a late one via CC)...hope you had a gr8 day!!!!

At 23:03, Anonymous rob said...

I hope you continue to post, it's a nice blog. I got here from another blog has linked you. Congratulations on your move and I hope you are settled in soon.

At 18:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 17:59, Blogger Jeff said...

Eph, I thank you for your faithfulness to my blog, and your caring words. I'd certainly understand if after my long absence I disappeared from your bookmarks, etc. If so I'll try to track you down again.

Eric, thanks for your encouraging words. For some reason I couldn't open up your link, other than to see you are a daddy again. An adoptive daddy? You've probably told me before, but I've been so out of the loop. I'll try to get it at it again. We have put the adoption on hold while we prepare to move in and get jobs (my wife was provided, by the Lord's good grace, a job she's dreamed about--directorship of a new day care in a church we are joining.

Complimenter, happy very belated birthday! (though early for 2007). Thank you for your well wishes, and for encouraging me to keep on posting.

Jude, thank you too.

Cassie, thank you, and come on back. The temperature has pretty much been mid-90s or higher here for the past several weeks, quite often over 100. We're getting a house that's much bigger than our NJ townhouse, so I am not eager to receive our first AC bill.

Cyberscribe, I know all about being late, so I'll gladly take your belated wishes.

Rob, I appreciate your blessings on my blog. My understanding of blogging is very basic, but I pray God can use it to touch people.

Anonymous, God loves you. That's a revelation I pray your eyes are one day opened to. I won't be able to convince your mind of that because your spirit is at enmity with the Spirit of God. I pray He also brings peace and joy to your life.

All, God's blessings to you. I'll slowly but surely be trying to get back to your blogs.


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