Thursday, December 08, 2005

Upcoming Iraq elections and true bravery

I heard on news radio this morning that true to form, the terrorists, who hate not having complete control over others, are ramping up their murderous attacks on both military and civilian personnel in a pathetic attempt to keep people from going to the polls in the upcoming elections.

However, I'm betting the numbers at the polls will be impressive. Most Iraqis won't be armed with bombs and others weapons. They'll be armed with a commitment to make Iraq a better country. They'll be armed with the knowledge that to not vote is to allow evil to once again overtake that nation. They've been there. They've seen or heard about the brutalities committed by Saddam and his lackeys. And they know that things could be at least as bad under the rule of these terrorists. So forced to choose between risking their lives now for a better tomorrow, or surrendering to the fear and having no hope for a better tomorrow, I believe that by and large they will choose to step up and vote.

May God grant those terrorists the wisdom to see that they are on the path of destruction, and that only people with a distorted sense of morality support their cause. And may God bless those brave men and women in Iraq who simply want a chance to live a life of dignity and peace.


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