Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A (recycled) Christmas poem

Here's a poem I wrote a couple of years back. Yes, unlike my stepson, I'm too lazy to actually work on something new! ;)

Christmas in Old Clothes
Christmas glitter gilds the town
Far as the eye can see:
Garland strung on every house,
Lights bright'ning every tree.

Shoppers shop until they drop;
The merchants clap with glee.
Wide-eyed children gape at gifts
They long for desperately.

A young boy and his sister
Hear Mom and Dad decree:
"Christmas cannot come to us
This year, unless it's free."

"Christmas free? How can that be?!"
Most shopping ads agree.
"Oh how indeed!" they wonder,
Those siblings, weepingly.

Just then they spot a veteran-
His smile wide as the sea-
Come to house of boy and girl
Where Christmas shall not be.

Their parents stare in wonder:
"He's far worse off than we.
His clothing looks so ragged,
And yet he's so carefree."

"I have a gift," he tells them.
The children shout, "Whoopee!"
While Mom and Dad both whisper,
"What kind of fool is he?"

He speaks to them of comfort
And precious majesty
That he has learned to notice
Since Christmas came for free.

"I've spent my share and then some,
And much has come to me
In packages and parcels
Which lie beneath the tree.

"Behold my few possessions;
Yet foolish would I be
To trade them for those presents
I loved so jealously.

"For in my heart is Jesus;
Look in my eyes and see
A joy, which He has given,
And which He offers thee."

For Jesus says, 'Where's Christmas
Amid this revelry?
Why do you have the season
And yet think not of Me?'"

"Kind sir, would you please tell us
How you expect that we
Could dare to ask for Jesus,
Yet offer poverty?

"Our rent's past due three months now;
Our bills we cannot meet.
The landlord has just warned us
We'll soon be on the street."

"Please listen, my dear people,
And take a look at me;
For what I have to give Him
Is only what you see.

"I too was shamed to face Him-
'What wretchedness you be,'
I've heard the folks of this town
Spew hatefully at me."

And yet I'm God's dear child;
While they, though rich may be,
Do worship worthless riches;
That's all the heav'n they see.

"You need to, therefore, offer
Yourselves on bended knee,
And hearts that are repentant
Toward Christ who died for thee."

"This gift, it is so precious.
What kind of Savior, He,
Who offers richest pardon
By perishing for me?

"Is that all He requires,
No costly gift or fee,
No presents He can open
From underneath a tree?"

"Please turn from holding onto
That which you now believe:
That gifts He holds most precious
Are underneath a tree.

"For we do quite insult Him
When giving as though we
Can gain from Him a present
Which He has granted free."

"Oh, let us now Him follow;
Let no more fettered be
Our hearts to dying riches.
He's joy, eternally."


At 21:07, Blogger eph2810 said...

This is a wonderful poem Jeff - even if it is "recycled". Thank you for sharing.:)

At 12:36, Blogger Jeff said...

Thank you. I suppose if we can always get something new out of a 2000 year old Book, then maybe that's the case for old writings of average humans (well, maybe my poem won't last 2000 years!)

At 22:26, Blogger eph2810 said...

Maybe it will - you'll never now. I know for sure though that God will use it to His glory - someone will need to 'hear' it.:)

At 10:39, Blogger Jeff said...

Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

At 17:44, Anonymous Jen @ Poem 4 Today said...

That's a very poignant and thought provoking Christmas poem, thanks!

At 13:35, Blogger Jeff said...

Jen, sorry for my very delayed response (see my July 28, 2006 post). May it continue to bless you.

At 06:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff. We can always recycle. 2006 – 2007 songs and the theater come to mind. The difference: too much sex and fowl language in those recycles. This was clean…what a change for a remake. I Love it!!!!


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