Thursday, December 01, 2005

My December planner

Here's what I hope to get accomplished in December that will move me closer to the vision I believe God has given me for my life. Earlier today, the following came to mind. The wording may be new, but the message is eternal: "Say yes to the best, no to the rest." If I can say yes to doing those things that are best for God's glory and my ultimate purpose, and no to other things, I'll be doing well. Please pray that I'll be wise in discerning what those things are.

So these are the minimums I expect to do this month. This is not necessarily complete, and is subject to some slight adjustment:

Study notes from church services, pray about how to apply key concepts
Pray with wife each morning when possible
Focus on God's presence
Blog 3 times/week
Read faith-related blogs 3 times/week

Exercise twice weekly (1 aerobics, 1 strength)
Read three times weekly on physical fitness
Journal my thoughts and key happenings daily
Process notes from Achieving Authentic Success, the "success overview" part

Organize office space
Have a decent understanding of job search process
Have basic work accomplishments and goals written in preparation for job search

Buy Christmas presents
Romance my wife more (notes, surprise gifts, a nice date, etc.)
Find ways to spend more time with stepson
Read on China to better understand future adopted daughter's culture
Weekly game night
Get a better understanding of work-provided benefits for adoption

Have a good conversation with each close friend
Read on improving conversation skills

Organize files in briefcase (as you can see, I am not the best at organizing!)
Review finances twice

Be ready to speak at youth detention center

If you are also trying to maximize your life for God's glory, how about letting me and others know what you are going to do this month to move in that direction so we can pray for one another and be accountable? God bless!

BTW, if anybody knows how to make a sticky post for Blogger, please let me know. It would be nice to have this as the first thing to look at each during the month so others can see it and I can truly be held accountable.


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