Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A great response to a horrible attack

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii suffered a surprise attack early in the morning. We can argue about whether the bigwigs had an inkling, or more, of what was coming, but the average person just waking up that morning (though some never woke up) had no clue. Wave after wave of Japanese planes decimated several ships and other structures. The response that day from our men and women proved what we are made of. Though shocked and afraid, though hurt and tottering, they worked through their fear, which is what courage is all about, and stood up as best they could to the overwhelming force against them.

Yes, we have proven throughout our history that "these colors don't run." This is just one of many examples, and God willing we'll keep electing leaders who will never give up when our liberties and honor are endangered. And may we keep instilling in our posterity the notion that failure to stand for what's morally right is the prelude to falling for what is morally wrong (I heard that from Zig Ziglar). God bless our great nation, and our brave troops.

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At 20:23, Blogger John said...

Amen Jeff! God bless your nation and the troops. Great post.

Be encouraged!

At 10:35, Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks, John. We appreciate foreigners who support us.


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