Friday, December 09, 2005

Getting "back" to normal

Here's a very good rendition of what I looked like this past Sunday night. As I hurried to get stuff out of the car, I stepped on a patch of ice and landed flat on my back. My stepson saw it all, and somehow managed to stifle a laugh (well, at least until the next day, when he repeatedly acted out my accident!). While it was quite painful (I still feel twinges at times), I'm so thankful my head didn't meet the pavement first.

It's ironic that I had been commenting about black ice on the roads not long before. Maybe I'll be reminded next time to be extra careful. After all, dangers are hidden all about, unless we are alert to them.

Just like I should have been more alert then, or this morning when I hit a patch of ice while driving to work and nearly skid into the center divider on the highway.

2 lives down, 7 to go?

By the way, if you get a chance, read some of the wisdom in the posts below. As you can see, I'm struggling in the wisdom area lately!


At 17:18, Anonymous Glytch said...

Synchronicity at work there, write about it , experience it.
Try writing about winning the lottery or finding a wedge of money or even world peace....see what happens!


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