Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The devil's in the details

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Are some cases of mental illness spiritually driven? Did this woman's history with Voodoo and Santeria mess up not only her spirit but also her mind? Either way, a 17-month-old girl, Ruby, is now dead because of this woman. May the Lord help her see the tragedy of dabbling in false religions, for they are of the devil. And may the court have wisdom in discerning what her frame of mind was when she killed her daughter.

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At 16:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is that you can lay claim to understand what is a false religion? While I respect your beliefs I find it interesting that you decided to follow the religious aspect as opposed to the bipolar aspect. You have your beleifs based on what you have known and exsperienced, there is a world of religion ourt there, had you been born in the middle east you would in all liklehood be a Muslim, as it is you are Christian. Your belief that you hold the key to understanding is why the world has so many problems. Fundamentalist thinking is a dead end road form which there is no return. This post will not sway you, indeed it will make your convictions stronger and make you feel oppressed. I pity you.

At 02:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to comment about this story.
I was one of Ruby's childcare providors and loved this little girl so much. I was also friends with her mom on campus. None of us ever saw any of this coming and Serrena gave no indication of being bipolar or anything else. Apparently she was a different person at home than she was at school. The whole story is really sad but I find comfort in the fact that Ruby is safe now in the arms of God.


At 10:51, Blogger Jeff said...

Anon #1, Jesus is the one who claims there is only one true God, and only one way to heaven--through Him. It doesn't matter what a person wants to believe. Sadly, a person born in Europe, for example, will have less chance of hearing the gospel and so may have less of a chance in coming to know Jesus. I hate to use the word "chance," though, since God can certainly work against the odds.

Also, I never said the voodoo, etc. was the reason. I was simply wondering, and believe it is possible. As for fundamentalist thinking, let me leave it at this: I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, that Jesus Christ came to die for sinners, and for those who trust in Him they are saved from hell and to heaven. Oppression is not part of being a Christian; in fact, we are free more than ever to be who God created us to be. May the true, loving, wonderful Lord help you to realize that.

At 10:54, Blogger Jeff said...

Anon #2, it must be so difficult for you to suffer Ruby's death. I'm so sorry for the pain you must be going through. If only Serrena would have given some indication of the torment she was going through. I'm glad that Ruby had at least somebody like you who brought some joy into her life. I hope and pray that God helps you through this, and I'd love to be there when you meet Ruby in heaven.

At 19:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon #1 back again

I understand it is completely pointless to ask you about other religions, your faith is absolute and your knowledge about the world is clearly limited. Case in point, Christianity came to the Americas from Europe. You are part of a community of mankind and as such I find it astonishing that your understanding is so narrowly focused. Christianity as practiced in the United States would probably be unrecognizable to Jesus, indeed I believe he would be saddened that his teachings had been so abused. I too came to this link because I knew Ruby and Serrena. I had no indication that Serrena was about to have a break with reality. My son and Ruby went trick or treating this halloween. At her loss I am truely left bereft. I have nightmares about something happening to my son. I have been changed at a core level by Ruby's murder and by the loss of Serrena. Perhaps it is easier for you to accept the horrors of this world as you consider it nothing more than a test to see where your soul is destined to go. I would also finally point out that the Bible was written and rewritten, edited and redacted by people from material they found haveing been written by people. Us humans wrote the thing and it has been bastardized over the centuries to serve as a tool to control, not save, people. If your beliefs are as strong as they are then you certainly wouldn't be harmed by learning about this place while your are here.


At 16:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all who care, I was in the delivery room when that little angel came to us. I use the word angel because that was what she was. She left many footprints on mine & my childrens hearts. She had the most beautiful peace about her. I was what I though as a close friend to Serenna. when she left us to move to Eugene we lost contact. I was so taken back by the news of what she did to her angel. I was around here for most of her pregnancy and after Ruby was born for a couple of months. I never in my wilderst dreams would of thought she was capable of hurting Ruby. She would cry when ruby cried, she would get upset if she thought ruby was upset. To see the two of them the way I saw them together was an amazing experience. To all of us who knew them as mother & daughter it is a hard thing to swallow. So this is not a religiuos comment or anything like that...... It is just a wishful thought that makes me and my children deal with such a loose. Ruby was an angle sent to make us all smile while she was here and to make us smile when we think of her.. every picture I have of her she is smiling and that is the way I choose to remember my ANGEL Ruby.

At 13:30, Blogger Jeff said...

I don't intend to use this blog as a venue for apologetics. There are many others who can do that far better than myself. As for why this tragedy occurred, again I don't wish to finalize any reasons. Only God knows for show. I was merely speculating on a possible reason.


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