Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What are you thankful for losing, or not having?

In my previous post, Coloconnect reminds us that we can also be thankful for things we have lost, or don't have. So in what ways are you thankful for things you have lost, or never had?

For me, I'm most thankful I'm not really rich or good looking or popular or talented, because I know that if I was I'd find it hard to think I needed God (even though He provides all we have). I'm also thankful I have lost my keys and other things on several occasions, because it helps me realize how much I need my wife to keep me better organized, and it also shows her grace in putting up with me whenever I do lose or misplace things (which is quite often)!



At 16:40, Anonymous guppyman said...

Here's one that sounds horrible, but it truly is the case.... I'm thankful to have lost my first marriage.... I'm thankful she cheated on me and stayed out all night doing drugs and who knows what else all the time.

If she hadn't done it, I probably would still be in the miserable situation I was in,

Instead- I met the woman of my dreams, I found Christ, I am happy... I have purpose...

Who knew I'd end up so grateful to somebody that at the time I felt ruined my life?

At 23:56, Blogger eph2810 said...

Well, I think in a way I am thankful that I lost my security I had in Germany. Made me realize that God is very much needed in my life...never thought of it that way.

At 09:47, Blogger Jeff said...

Guppy, I'm sure it was so hard in the midst of your first wife's unfaithfulness, but thank God that you held fast to Him throughout. I read recently how we can be thankful (ultimately) for when God uses trials to refine us. I'm thrilled your current wife is such a blessing. I was frustrated for being single for so long, but God was preparing me and my now wife for a blessed marriage. His timing is perfect.

Eph, sometimes it seems God takes away anything we are holding onto that might in any way lessen our sense of need for Him. I've certainly seen that, and I pray I'll be willing to accept anything else He might want to take away. God bless.


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