Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Prayer


Thank You for who You are. You are the only true God, and the only being worthy of worship. In You alone is our hope of salvation; that You would offer your very life on behalf of such wretches as ourselves is unfathomable. That You would use us to help show forth your glory is an honor beyond words.

Thank You for my wife, Kim, and son, John, and for our adopted daughter to be, Sarah Joy. I wondered if I would ever find the right woman and get married, and You have shown your impeccable timing and perfect will by bringing along a woman whose heart is so beautiful and with whom I can be united in spirit through You. Along with her, I am so blessed to have her teenage son as well. John has such great potential, and an even greater heart. I eagerly await the arrival of Sarah Joy. Kim is so wonderful and loving with children, as she has shown by her dedication at the day care where she works; and she can't get Sarah soon enough. And John will be a big brother Sarah will love, as does his younger brother Joey.

Thank You for our parents, who provided our needs and helped us grow into responsible adults, and for our brothers and sisters. Thank You for our friends at church and at work. Kim, John, and I have been so blessed to grow deeper in relationship with our Touch Group family, and with so many people we meet each Sunday.

Our church leaders have provided us a firm foundation for your truth and have shown us that a relationship with God can be powerful and joyous. We are better ministers both inside the church and out because of their godly influence.

Thank You for providing us a comfortable home to live in, food to eat, and a place to work. We are not wealthy, and have no desire to be. We're thankful for our daily bread, so whatever else You provide is extra special.

Thank You for our wonderful country, and for the brave men and women fighting overseas who help preserve our liberty and honor.

We don't know what awaits us in the future, but we're so blessed that You'll be there in the midst to guide us through it. If difficulties, we know You'll use them to refine us. If good times, they will be so much better knowing You are in them. All in all, it will be perfect.

I realize I've fallen far short in recognizing all You have given us, so I pray that in the coming days, weeks, and months as more comes to mind I will continue to show my gratitude for all You have done. Of course, my greatest thanks will be shown in living a life that pleases You and blesses others.

Your humble servant, Jeff



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