Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanks to some thankful bloggers

Here are some posts you might like from truly thankful bloggers.

Paul, at Paul's Ponderings has this post giving thanks for our very lives, which God holds in His hands. Read the link to the Relevant Magazine story that shows an example of how precious life can be.

This post at Broken Shivers isn't necessarily about Thanksgiving, but I think it shows how grateful Johnny is (as am I) for all of us "insignificant" Christians who really do make a difference for God's kingdom. Thanks for the encouragement, Johnny!

Jon at Jon's Web Journal encourages us to be thankful, and to share what it is we're most thankful for. Let him, and others, know.

Please offer both thanks and intercession for Matt at Matt's Fight, whose recovery from serious burns progresses, but not without struggles and setbacks.

Here's a nice Thanksgiving prayer, which encourages us to show how thankful we are by reaching out to the less fortunate.

The bloggers at Zum Kripplein Christi Lutheran Elementary School have several posts about Thanksgiving. Read what Sarah has to say about slowing down and offering thanks, not just today but everyday. Justin reminds us it's not just about turkeys, but the Maker of turkeys, and the Savior of our souls. Daniel realizes that we shouldn't be selfish and take what we have for granted. And Rachel offers her well wishes. And like Rachel, why not write some cards or notes to share your thankfulness with others.

Coloconnect at Second Chances reminds us with this bit of humor that we should also be thankful for what we are not and do not have.

Let's join Barbara at Mommy Life in thanking God for Daniel, her son with Down's Syndrome who was having a period of antisocial behavior but is now much happier. Pray that their Thanksgiving will be especially joyous. And look at pictures of a happy Daniel while you're there.

Here, Dr. Ralph Wilson tells us of Miles Standish and the first Thanksgiving. Take his message to heart, and don't allow all you have to lead you away from thankfulness. "The Pilgrims lived close to the edge of survival. Perhaps that is why they were so thankful."

Tomorrow, I'll post some more. Have a great Thanksgiving, and may the Lord be blessed and honored above all that day.



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