Friday, November 04, 2005

A prayer of praise and gratefulness

Dear Lord,

I have seen days go by with little thought of the wonderful blessings you give us, the mercy you show despite our hearts being bent on evil, and the warm and uplifing fellowship of your presence. May I continually remember that you are here with me this very moment. I too often take for granted the salvation you offered at such a great cost, which not only snatches us from the fires of hell but carries us to your glorious dwelling. Please help me get a glimpse of heaven every now and then so I can exult in its awesome beauty.

Thank you for the promise of your Holy Spirit that enables us to live in victory amid the trials and temptations life hurls at us. Thank you for your commandments, which we can see as promises because we don't have to steal or kill or worship false idols with your Spirit guiding us.

How wonderful it is to be your adopted child; may I learn from your Father heart how to be a better parent to my children. May I see the deep beauty of my wife, and love her as the queen that she is.

How I long to more fully grasp all the riches you pour forth from your storehouse, not necessarily riches of gold or silver but riches of peace, joy, hope, love, patience, etc. How I long to behold your face so the things of this world grow strangely dim, and the light of your glory shines through me to bless others. It is indeed far better to serve as a doorkeeper in your dwelling than to be a king on the earth.

Finally, I thank you for the everyday things we often don't even associate you with, but which indeed come from your hand. There is no thing we should consider too small for you to care about, and no thing too big for you to handle. Without you all that seems good is actually pale, and all that seems pale is wonderful if you are in its midst.

If in my smallness and weakness you can use me to further your kingdom, I'll be deeply honored. Thank you for all you are, all you give, and all you will do, because it is very good.

In Jesus' majestic and loving name, Amen.


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