Thursday, November 17, 2005

No more "Heidi game" faith!

Football fans may remember this as the day the movie Heidi intercepted the Jets-Raiders football game in 1968. The Jets were ahead, and then Heidi stepped in, based on the broadcasting standards of the times. What fans wouldn't find out until later is that the Raiders scored two touchdowns in 9 seconds, winning the game. Irate fans blew the switchboard, leading the networks to agree to broadcast the games until their conclusion.

Many times, we have a "Heidi game" faith. Like the networks on that fateful day, we hang on until our faith is "preempted" by a challenge we deem too great, and so we allow our hopes to fade away, forgetting that God is the expert at last-minute comebacks.

The disciples of Jesus tuned out at Gethsemane. Remember how they fled in fear? The show was over, as far as they were concerned. But Jesus turned the game around. And like the networks, which later agreed to hold on to the end, the disciples learned to hold on to Jesus in spite of attempts to preempt their hopes. May we also trust that, as Yogi Berra said, it's never over 'til it's over.


At 17:22, Blogger Jay Adkins said...


Great post! I really needed that today. I think God guided you to my blog to leave comments because He knew I would investigate where they came from and read your post. He surely does work in mysterious ways. Thanks for blessing my day!

Jay Adkins

At 17:36, Blogger Jeff said...

I'm honored that I could bless you as you did me.


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