Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In the blink of an eye

This morning, God got my attention with this MercyMe song. Out of the blue I started singing it in the car, and then I changed the radio station and there it was! I love how He does that! It makes me think He's trying to tell me something.

The song seems to be about how we should ask ourselves whether or not we are so wrapped up in ourselves and the world around us that we aren't doing all we can for God's kingdom. He has sent here on a mission, but compared to our time in heaven, our time on earth is short and will be gone before we know it. But our legacy, good or bad, will live on in our children and the generations to follow.

I know I don't always make the best of my time. I too often live reactively rather than proactively. Doing the important things, in God's eyes, is a matter of whenever I "feel the Spirit lead me." My history has shown me that I need to schedule times of prayer and Bible reading and other methods of Christian growth or else the things of the world will crowd them out.

And at times I am more concerned how others will see me rather than how God sees me. I'll be with God for eternity, but before I know it the people I'm trying to please will be long gone. And as we all know, there's no way to please everybody, and no matter who we try to please, we should wonder whether they really have our best interests in mind.

Lord, may we truly realize that compared to eternity, we are only here for a blink of an eye. Please forgive us for seeking the things of this world, for forgetting so often that it is far better and far more rewarding to honor You even when some people world disagree. And help us to live in such a way that who we are and what we do during our short span on this earth will leave others blessed for years to come until the day their joy and hope are fulfilled in You. We thank you for the privilege of being your ministers, for being used by you for eternal purposes. May we love and honor You this very moment and each moment to come. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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At 15:21, Blogger Guppyman said...

Thanks for stopping by today.... I've been poking around your site for a bit and I like it.... I think I'm adding you to my blogroll....

At 16:06, Anonymous Jon said...

Great site,Great writings!!

At 16:52, Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks much, guppyman, much appreciated. I hadn't come across yours in a while, so I'll definitely consider reciprocating.

Same goes to you, Jon.


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