Thursday, November 17, 2005

How firm a foundation

On this date in 1777, the Articles of Confederation were submitted to the states for ratification. Of course, we all know that our nation's current governing document is the Constitution. The Articles were considered ineffective and had to be scrapped for a better system. One that would hold the states together more firmly while still allowing them to have a measure of authority.

But isn't this attitude true of many concerning the Bible? They find passages that don't meet their preferences, and so they try to rewrite what God said. And like the Articles, they splinter the body of Christ rather than uniting it. And it's not just about uniting the body with each other, but uniting our hearts with the Lord's.

The book of Revelation warns us about altering what's in Scripture. And Jesus said that not one pen stroke would disappear from the Law until everything in the Father's will was accomplished. May we treasure the beauty and authority of the word of God so that we form a mighty, cohesive army against His enemies.


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