Friday, November 18, 2005

Honor your parents, but not like this!

Short take: Russian mother and her sons accused of strangling and cannibalizing a man. She's in her late 30s, the sons are about 16 and 19. God help the family of the man whose body was desecrated, and God help this distorted mother and sons who committed this ghastly crime. What happened that would lead them to agree to do such a thing? Only God knows, and only He can turn their hearts to Him.

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At 09:23, Blogger Helen said...

That is really a good question! What in the world could possibly lead 3 people to agree to commit such a horrible crime. It just leave me shaking my head.

At 10:22, Blogger Jeff said...

It is stunning, Helen. Hopefully we can all shake off the "deer in the headlights" mindset when such things happen and find ways to prevent, or at least, limit such tragedies in the future


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