Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dillon Stewart, hero

Dillon Stewart, Brooklyn police officer, died in the line of duty while chasing a fleeing suspect. Though shot, this brave man continued pursuing the murderer until he was too weak.

He leaves behind a wife and two children. I couldn't bear to experience their grief at this time. I hope that amid their grief, somewhere deep down, they are able to rejoice in the legacy he left behind.

Lord, please comfort the family and other loved ones of this honorable man, especially during this usually festive season. Help them to always hold him close in their hearts, and celebrate who he was and what he stood for. We thank you that such heroes still walk this earth, defending us against the evil in our midst. May people realize that this is true love, giving oneself to save others, as you did on the cross.



At 18:34, Blogger Seawave said...


Thank you for posting a tribute to this fallen hero. Too many times we pass by stories like these on the news and don't stop long enough to pay tribute and honor those who make such tremendous sacrifices for all of us.


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