Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Are you voting for the fearful or the fearless?

Today is election day, where all too many candidates will run away from their convictions and stick their finger into the wind to see which way is most popular. Success to them will mean winning the seat rather than doing the right thing.

And this coming Sunday is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, where we commemorate the millions of believers who are being oppressed and even murdered because they hold firm to their convictions. They know their destiny is secure, so they consider earthly gains to be rubbish in light of the surpassing glory in Christ.

What a contrast. What a shameful picture of how our nation's leadership has fallen so far from its roots. Think of how brave and firm in their beliefs were the Founders, who risked their very lives to form this nation.

And not only did these brave people "campaign" for the right things, they carried them out despite what others thought was the popular decision. Like those persecuted Christians all over the world who know that by standing up for Christ, they might suffer but His light will shine forth brighter than ever because of their faithfulness and courage.

Maybe there is nobody on your ballot that has similar convictions. Please pray that God will give you the wisdom to make the right choice. Sometimes we need to vote for incremental improvements, the person who is not ideal but who is at least somewhat better than the other candidate.

Many of the candidates we don't want in office will be elected because people will choose to not vote. So please do. And please pray continually for the wimpy and misguided politicians of today and tomorrow, that they will develop a heart for God and right living, and the courage to back that up, so that we can speak proudly of our leadership.

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