Monday, October 24, 2005

Who is more successful?

It seems Anne Rice, whose name became synonymous with vampire novels over the years, has become a Christian. According to this MSNBC story, she intends to write only for the Lord. I see Technorati is tracking well over 100 blog posts on this, and I'm sure without even looking that opinions on her conversion will range from "it's not true" to "yes it is"; from "oh no, she was my favorite writer" to "thank the Lord, now I can feel good about reading her books." This is her new book. I haven't read it, and I don't know enough about Anne Rice's conversion to be sure of its authenticity, so don't think I'm plugging anything just yet. I do wish to say that God certainly could change Anne's heart, as he has changed anybody else's.
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Meanwhile, young teen singers Lamb and Lynx Gaede, of the group Prussian Blue, have been duped into believing the white race is supreme. Their father employs the Nazi swastika on his belt buckle and the side of his truck, and one of their songs, "Sacrifice," praises Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer, as a man of peace. In one picture, the girls can be seen wearing t-shirts with caricatures of a smiling Adolf Hitler.
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I don't know the level of Prussian Blue's success. I do know that Anne Rice was very successful as a novelist of the vampire genre. As Anne says in the above story:
"For the last six months," she says, "people have been sending e-mails saying,
'What are you doing next?' And I've told them, 'You may not want what I'm doing

Is Anne risking her sales for a greater profit--Christ? And are Lamb and Lynx risking their souls for the profit of money and the support of racists? From the quick scans I've done of news and blogs on these ladies, I'd say Anne Rice will be far more successful in God's eyes. But the young Gaede girls can still turn to the One, Jesus, who created all of us in His image and for His glory.

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At 04:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prussian Blue Blog
Dresden's Blog
Prussian Blue Website
Prussian Blue Forums
Jerry's Prussian Blue Page

At 13:24, Blogger Jeff said...

I assume you are a fan, anonymous? Or are you just showing us where these racists can be found?


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