Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Vote for the lesser of two evils, or not at all?

In just a few weeks, many voters will go to the polls. For some of them, the choices will be frustrating. I tend toward conservative (social and economic), and in one race there seems to be little difference between the candidates. Both support abortion (perhaps one slightly more than the other). Both are not strong supporters of traditional marriage, and have said that they will support benefits for civil unions. I think the one is somewhat more conservative fiscally. But I'm much more concerned about moral issues.

I have vacillated between voting for the lesser of the two "evils," or not voting at all. If I do the former, I'll be criticized by those who say we Christians shouldn't sell out our values simply because there is no better option. And I can see that. If I (and others) do vote for that candidate, my party will continue to bring forth liberal candidates as viable options. If I (and others) don't vote for that candidate, and he loses big, maybe(?) the party will get the message.

But if I do the latter, and don't vote at all, I'll be criticized by those who say that by not voting, I'm in effect casting a vote for the other candidate (there is some truth to that, as in the Rush lyrics, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"). And there is truth to that. Also, they'll say that by not voting, I've given up my right to complain.

The choices we make can impact our destiny and that of others. Not only because of the policies the candidates will set forth, but also because we'll have to live with the knowledge that we chose as we did for the reasons we did.

Right now I'm leaning toward not voting (OK, bring on the criticisms). But what say you? If you're torn, let me know what you think. And let's all pray for wisdom.


At 19:12, Blogger eph2810 said...

That is so tough to give someone else advise on voting or not voting.
Although I am not allowed to vote in the US (still have my German citizenship :)) and had a similar choice to make earlier. I am still a registered voter in Germany and due to some major issues; elections were scheduled for September 2005, instead of 2006…
Anyway, long story short, I decided not to vote, because I didn’t feel comfortable voting for either one of them…especially since I reside in the US…
Your situation is a little different…you live where you vote. Sure is a tough decision if you not comfortable with either choice. I made mine this year, and I am comfortable with it.

At 14:04, Blogger Jeff said...

Glad it was somewhat easier for you. Please keep us in prayer who are on the fence. I trust God will give us clear direction


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