Monday, October 17, 2005

Hero to the rescue

Teen Adam Silvas witnesses Peggy Jo Connor attempting to cut unborn baby from Valerie Oskin's womb, and does the right thing.
"When I first saw it, I knew it was foul play because it was just very
suspicious happening. The lady acted really weird," he said.
Conner told him
"everything was fine," he said. He said he was going into the woods to ride, and
she "smiled and waved at me."
"I didn't really say too much because I knew
something was wrong. I had seen somebody laying beside the car," he recalled.
Instead he said he raced -- heart pounding, a lump in his throat -- back
home to get his father, Andrew Silvas. The two rushed back to the site, unsure
what they would find.

The story continues:
When they arrived, he said, the woman who was standing had "an eerie calm about
her." He asked her what she was doing. "She said, 'Nothing, nothing.'"
told him she was planning to take the bloodied woman to the hospital.
come you didn't ask my son for help?" he said he asked. "She replied, 'I don't

How many people these days--especially one as young as Adam Silvas-- would have not only been able to discern the truth in this situation, but have the courage and compassion to take the proper action?
Adam Silvas said he doesn't want to be viewed as a hero, although he's extremely
happy that Oskin and her baby are doing well.
His father said, "I'm extremely
proud of him. He handled himself very well."

Humility, compassion, courage, wisdom. Perhaps Adam doesn't want to be considered a hero because he believes that doing the right thing should be the norm. Would that it were true, Adam, but you've set a fine example for others to follow.

By the way, here's a sickening contrast to Adam's character:

Both [Adam and his father] said Conner sat on the hood of a car and laughed
as they waited for authorities to arrive.

Finally, here's proof that not all sanity is lost in our justice system:
Conner is being held without bail.

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At 15:09, Blogger My life and me! said...

That story was absolutely appalling. I can't believe that someone would do such a hiddeous crime. There is so much sadness is this country.

At 17:49, Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks for caring. We need more people who think as you do.


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