Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Don't let amateurs like me make major template changes!

Ooops! I decided to try a new template. They said that some changes I had made would be lost, but I didn't realize it would be all my links, my blog tools, etc. Thankfully I did manage to find my old template cached on Google, so I hope I can figure out how to enter the codes correctly so the information shows up as I'd like it to. I apologize to those of you whose sites I linked to. God willing you'll be back on my page real soon.


At 18:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 19:53, Blogger dorna! said...

Always back up your template to a text file. That'll save you a world of pain. :D

At 10:16, Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks Dorna. Why weren't you looking over my shoulder to make sure I didn't make such a dumb mistake in the first place??!!


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