Thursday, September 22, 2005

Storms just over the horizon

As I looked recently at a satellite map of the South, I noticed that Texas seemed to be virtually free of clouds. Imagine that, in light of Hurricane Rita approaching. I'm sure that will change quite soon, if not already. It's much like when the devastating Christmas tsunami hit: people on the beach didn't realize what was coming, and most seemed little more than curious when the tide receded further than usual just before the huge wall of water destroyed them and tens of thousands of others.

It may seem things are going pretty well in your life right now, but if you've lived on this earth for any number of years you know that another storm is brewing, and may be very close.

I pray that when things go well for a period of time, we don't get complacent. Not that we should live in fear, but we need to be alert for what the world or devil throws at us.


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