Friday, September 16, 2005

Obedience to God leads to true success

Joshua 1:8 says, "This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success" (ESV).

How often does the Bible tell us to seek power, or prestige, or popularity, or position, or pleasure above all else? Rather, we are told to be meek, humble, disciplined, etc. This is such an antithesis of what the world teaches. They say step on people to get ahead, unlike Jesus's admonition to never seek to sit by the host but to go to the seat farthest away and let the host decide to move you to a better seat. They say don't show your emotions, especially if you are a man--unlike Jesus, who wept at Lazarus's death. They say do whatever it takes to be comfortable--unlike those faithful noted in Hebrews 11 who sought obedience even unto their own torture and death.

Hebrews 4:12 says that the word of God pierces deep into our souls. Psalm 19 says God's law revives the soul (v. 7), makes wise the simple (v. 7), gives joy to the heart (v. 8), and gives light to the eyes (v. 8). And Psalm 119 is a treasure trove of the blessings of obedience to God.

So may we take some time each day to chew on the rich feast of Scripture, to be truly satisfied with the true success it offers.

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers.


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