Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My monthly plan of action

The other day, I posted my daily plan of action. Here's what I plan for each month. Again, any suggestions are very welcome:

  1. On the weekend before the start of the next month, do a quick preview of the month ahead.
  2. Review life goals for each key role, and write the best things I can do in each area to draw closer to those goals.
    a) Consider present needs and things I've neglected in the past that need attention
    b) 2 to 3 actions per role, so I don't get overwhelmed
    c) Focus 75% on two neediest areas, 15% on next three, and 10% on least two neediest
    i) Reevaluate quarterly
    d) Make my goals achievable, inspiring, measurable, shared, and highly visible
    e) Balance personal and professional responsibilities
    f) Balance result and relationship goals
    i) How will I love the most precious people and do the most important things better?
  3. Schedule to do items for these goals into my planner
    a) Leave some time open for rest and in case of unplanned meetings, etc.
    b) Balance structure and spontaneity
  4. To keep it fresh, read a chapter or listen to tape corresponding to the MAXIMIZERS principle based on the month. For example, I would read about X Out the Negatives, the third principle, sometime during the third month.
    a) For November, read other success information
  5. End of month
    a) How well did I deal with serendipitous moments? How can I improve?
    b) How did I do with the 7 key roles and with MAXIMIZERS
    i) I did ... well (or not well) because....
    ii) How can I improve?
    iii) Were my roles balanced properly? If not, what needs to change?
    c) Did my goals, actions, and attitudes bless God and loved ones?
    d) Do I need to firm up my long-term goals and loosen my short-term plans? If so, how?
    e) Reevaluate how I did with goals, and continue, change to better suit my needs, or create a new goal
    f) How will I use the MAXIMIZERS principles to better support my life goals?
    g) Based on the above, process a plan of action for the next month
    h) Enter key events and notes in my archival records.


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