Thursday, September 01, 2005

Key roles

Dr. Jenson suggests we set goals for the key roles in our life. So what are your key roles? He came up with seven that pretty much cover it. Of course, make the list according to what fits you best:

Faith (goes along with the Energize Internally principle from MAXIMIZERS): Who or what's at your core? Who or what do you turn to for guidance, inspiration, and strength? Remember, like a placebo, our God (or god) is not powerful just because we think it is, but because it is. If I put my faith in a rock, no matter how hard I believe it won't do me any good.

Fitness (physical, mental, and emotional): How are you doing? Is your body in shape (or are you working toward that)? Do you have unresolved emotional issues? Are you learning and growing mentally?

Family: How are your relations with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and extended family?

Friends: How are your friendships? Do you have people you can be yourself with? Can you be truly open with at least a few people?

Finances (I include money and possessions here, like cars & house): Are these in good shape?

Firm (I include both career and career-related education here): Are you working at a job you enjoy? If not, are you still giving your best? Are you prepared to move on to another job should this one go away?

Favor (this can also be a part of the "Faith" dimension or the "Finanances"): How are you contributing to society, your church, etc? Are you making a positive difference? Even if you are helping one or two people, that's something.

Fun: Are you enjoying times away from the hustle and bustle just to relax and have fun?

Well, I hope that however you categorize your roles, you are addressing each of them. We can't be all about work and ignore our family. We can't just have fun and ignore work. One of Dr. Jenson's criteria for authentic success is to be complete in all vital areas of life. May God show each of us where we can improve, and help us appreciate where we're doing well (but not to rest on our laurels). As for me, I know I fall especially short in Fitness (physical) and Firm. I need to put extra effort into those so they can "catch up."


At 17:58, Anonymous said...

Though I don't know, who you are, you
are hereby welcome to receive a what-
if-when'-challenge-'piece from me, so
that I can more easily tell & e.g. help you concentrate on, what it means to find 'it:' to be continued.
Greetings from Joram Arentved, Santi-
ago, Cl.


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