Friday, September 02, 2005

Daily plan of action

I'm trying to create a concise plan of action for scheduling my days and beyond. So often I'll find myself not getting to those important things or people because I'm reacting to whatever's thrown at me. Dr. Jenson suggests we schedule our priorities, not prioritize our schedule. The difference? When we prioritize our schedule, we simply make a list of all the things that come across our path and try to attack them in no certain order. But when we schedule our priorities--those things that matter most--we ensure that we are accomplishing our mission and moving toward the vision for our lives. By scheduling our priorities, and then acting on them (let's not forget that!), we reduce the chance that the trivial will overtake the vital.

Typically, I'll schedule my priorities each month, so I'll address that more when I get to it.

So here's a brief picture of what I have so far. If you can benefit from it, great. If you can suggest something better, I'd love to see it. I know this is a work in progress.

1) Have my planner clearly visible, along with mission, vision, and goals.
2) Look to see what's coming up for the next week
3) Make changes to my schedule as items are added, deleted, moved, or delegated
a) Note and act on to-dos for the day according to importance or date and time of event
b) Be sure to leave margin (don't fill up every moment, leave time for rest and the unknown)
c) Take advantage of serendipitous moments (not scheduled, but adds to our day)
4) Focus on developing a positive habit
5) Focus on growing in key roles:
a) Faith: Adore & enjoy God's presence
b) Fitness: Live as a temple of God
c) Family: Love all; brighten wife & son's day
d) Friends: Show love to at least one person
e) Favor: Do something specific to glorify God & live right
f) Finances: Know I'm a steward of God
g) Firm: Be a God-honoring employee
6) Focus on living MAXIMIZERS principles
7) Journal how I'm doing, feeling, learning
8) At end of day, note items done, delegated, delayed, deleted.


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