Thursday, August 04, 2005

Whose side are you on?

I don't usually go in depth into the news of the day, but I like to get a general overview as to what's going on. And it seems like so many of the news agencies highlight the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq. I certainly agree that we should know about these deaths so we can mourn them and pray for their loved ones, but when these sites put reports of these deaths on their front pages day after day, while virtually ignoring (or putting towards the back of the website or newspaper) accounts of our successes (how many of the enemy we have killed or captured, how we've helped improve infrastructure, how our people are appreciated by the Iraqi citizens), we Americans, including the soldiers, can't help but to feel dragged down.

It's kind of like a father telling his daughter about things that he sees wrong with her, while ignoring the fact that she has a beautiful voice and can write meaningful poetry. Wouldn't you think that would negatively impact her abilities and self-confidence?

I can't gauge the motives of these news organizations that focus on the negatives of our country and its military, but I hope they realize how many people perceive them. And regardless of your stance on the war or President Bush, I hope you and the media can appreciate the courage, dedication, and commitment to freedom and hope that our soldiers are fighting for.


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