Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What the "hell"?

In a couple of posts on this blog I have referred to hell, the place where those who reject Christ end up. That is an uncomfortable subject to many, but Christ didn't shy away from it. Nor does the New Testament as a whole.

It will, sadly, become the ultimate destiny for many, despite the Bible's attempts to present a clear picture of its reality and its horror. It's not a place of anihillation. We don't simply cease to exist once our bodies die. We live forever, in heaven or hell.

I do plan to expound on the beauty of heaven in future posts, because that is a destiny we all should want, a destiny purchased for our inhabitation by Christ's blood. If we choose to accept. But I can't in good conscience speak of destiny--whether in this life or the next--without mentioning this one.

May what I write be written in love, but may that love be mixed well with truth. I'd rather have people feel uncomfortable with the truth than feel content with a lie. If you simply want to read what makes you feel good, I would strongly suggest not coming to this blog. But if you want to read what leads to ultimate good, that's my goal for this blog.


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