Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Prison: A place to learn violence or victory

We hope that prisoners will do their time, become rehabilitated, and reenter society as contributing members. Typically that's wishful thinking, because prisons are not known for making men and women better citizens. But according to this story, not only are some prisoners not becoming better citizens, they are becoming "radicalized in prison and could commit extremist violence upon their release, according to an FBI letter obtained by The Associated Press." According to the story, "groups with extremist ideologies may be targeting felons as prime candidates for conversion during their time in prison."

Thank God ministries like Prison Fellowship are ministering Christ to men and women behind bars and giving them hope. And we can see what Christ has done with serial killer turned faithful believer David Berkowitz. I'm sure many prisoners whose names most of us will never know have been blessed by the message of Jesus and are making either society or the prisons they inhabit a better place. I pray that the word of God gets to those prisoners currently being trained in violence. May they realize that any destruction they cause will pale in comparison to the harm they'll do to themselves.


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