Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina: Heroes rising up

We sighed in relief (somewhat) when Hurricane Katrina didn't hit land as an epic category 5 storm. But we are seeing that it is becoming a disaster of epic proportions. 30 people died in one apartment building. Levees are being breached. Dead bodies (hundreds are feared dead, and hundreds of thousands are homeless) floating in the water are being ignored because there are still so many people to save. Lives are saved, but the likelihoold of disease increases. And now the governor of New Orleans has declared a mandatory evacuation of the city. What a monumental task that will be, with key roads out of the city flooded, and debris all over blocking the routes. Chemical and biological harm may cause even greater health problems in the coming days.

But we are a nation founded by people who overcame the greatest of odds. At times it seemed we would be decimated by disease and by savage Indians. But we made it through. That's the heart of our country, and I believe it's representative of so many people in the ravaged South today. The looters are not typical of our great nation. They take with no intention to give. Yet it is the selfless ones, the ones who sacrifice precious time and even their lives, who will lead the recovery of the damaged areas and torn families. They will, because it's who they are. I know that in the coming days we'll see many stories of sacrifice. Let's not become too discouraged by reports of looting and the like. There's too many good people out there.


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