Friday, August 12, 2005

Feet on the ground

In my August 3 post, I wrote about "What success is not." Today I was reminded of a situation some years ago that made me cringe. I wasn't involved with that situation, but I have been part of similar happenings, so I could sense where they were coming from.

I have never been very high on the corporate ladder, nor have I sought that. In one organization I used to work with, I was told of a business trip a couple of my peers went on. They were there with their supervisors, and told me that the supervisors walked several feet ahead of them, almost like men in certain cultures who treat women as "inferior." It gave them the impression that the supervisors were saying to each other, in effect, "Let's make sure we're not seen with these peons."

I was reminded of this because today somebody came up to me, clearly saw me, but didn't acknowledge who I was. I used to work with him, and he wouldn't hesitate to contact me when he needed something.

Can I be sure that the motives of these people I mention were a sense of superiority? No. But we need to have a sense of the "vibes" we're sending, even if our motives are OK. And of course, we need to make sure that no matter where we are on the ladder of worldly success, we must not assume that we are better than the man or woman who cleans the bathrooms or works at a fast food restaurant. As I read somewhere, success is not what you are compared to others, but it's what you are compared to what you could be with what you've been given. I pray that each of you, and myself, does the best with what we have. That will please the Lord more than our attaining the highest levels of any company.


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