Wednesday, August 10, 2005


It's so difficult to keep life in balance. In the 6th of the MAXIMIZERS principles, "Integrate All Of Life," Dr. Jenson of Future Achievement International compares life to a marble on a bowl that has been turned over, like an upside-down U. The marble will roll right off unless regular adjustments are made. If we just sit still, things will get out of whack.

He helped me to think through the roles in my life and to check regularly to see whether I'm addressing each one appropriately. If you aren't clear on what those roles are, he suggests the following: Faith, Fitness (mental, physical, and emotional), Family, Friends, Finances, Firm (career), and Fun. These may work for some people but not for others. The important thing is, no major area of life should go unchecked. In the ministry version of the tapes that I have (a few years old now, so I can't be sure whether things have changed), he includes Favor to cover charitable giving and ministry.

In one meeting with my coach, Greg Dolby, he suggested I take a look at how I'm doing in each area and rank them. Where I was doing the worst, he told me to focus more attention on those areas until things got more balanced.

Of course, getting married and having children will sometimes shift the focus of our lives, and so we need to readjust. Learning one has a serious disease will demand much more focus on the Fitness principle. Starting your own business will at least temporarily demand long hours (but each person in this situation needs to determine how long they will allow their work to take them away from their family and other important people and situations). The bottom line is, much of life comes at us and we have to take the blows and adjust. But oftentimes we choose to focus excessively on career, for example, to the detriment of our relationships. We veg in front of the TV for hours instead of stimulating our minds (don't get me wrong, I veg sometimes too, it's OK--to a certain extent).

I have found it necessary to schedule my priorities, as Dr. Jenson suggests, rather than merely prioritizing what's already on my schedule. To do the latter for me has often meant missed time with God, not furthering my career potential, and isolating from friends. But when I schedule my priorities, I look at how my life is going in each key area and then take the best actions possible to ensure the greatest possibility of authentic success.

I pray that each of you has a balanced life, or are working toward that. And please keep me in prayer regarding this, since it seems to require supernatural effort.


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