Friday, July 01, 2005

What this blog is about

Our destiny is out there for us to grab. But to attain it, we must become it. "Not really," some of you might say? Tell me, how can we truly be successful unless we become, from the heart, that which we long to take hold of? I can reach the pinnacle of success (at least in the eyes of my peers) in banking, for example, but if I'm only in the banking world to please others or because it's all I've known, then I'll be quite miserable. That, to me, is not true success.

But back to "destiny." You may ask, "Doesn't the very word imply that our path and our end--at least the latter--are already predetermined (or predestined)?" I do believe that God knows all that will happen. But how much He orchestrates in our lives, well that's a matter for the more theologically advanced among you to discuss and debate. My purpose is to write about (and hear from you about) how we can live in accordance with God's expressed will and with our conscience--to become our destiny--that is, who God created us to be.

Conversely, to walk outside of God's will and/or to go against our conscience will lead us away from our destiny. Those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior have the Holy Spirit's presence in us, so if we are going against God's will our conscience will be uneasy, because the Spirit will be uneasy. However, the more we go against His will, the more "calloused" our hearts become, and we feel a little less bothered each successive time we do so.

I'm writing as one who is on the road to true success. I haven't attained it, and over the coming weeks I'll post as many of my weaknesses as my strengths. But, if I'm progressing toward the end God has for me, in a manner that's honorable to Him, then I'll consider myself a success.

I'll also post items from the web that exemplify what true success is, and what it isn't. Please feel free to do the same, so we can help each other become our destiny.


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