Thursday, July 14, 2005

Overlooking the most important things

I must extend an apology to my wife and others who have truly been the backbone of any success I've had. My posts have focused so much on those people and organizations whose business it is to help people succeed, but at least as important to a truly successful person are those people and institutions who provide spiritual, emotional, and moral support. They may not necessarily provide a list of "ways to succeed in life," but they are indispensable.

I still have a ways to go, but I'm much further along than I would have been if my I didn't have the love and encouragement and mercy that my wife provides me each day. Her example is such an inspiration to me, and my happiness in life and sense of true success are diminished if I don't make her happiness and security a priority. My parents and siblings have also played a vital role, and even though I don't talk with them as much as when I was a child, they still mean a lot to me and I continute to learn from them. My church family has helped me grow in my faith, and I'm blessed to be in a small group of couples that provides spiritual and emotional support to each other. I also have some friends who I don't speak with as regularly, but we know that we are always there for each other.

If anybody can learn from this and not belittle the importance of those closest to you, I'll be thankful.


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