Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hero busdriver in London

From the Times Online of London:

"THE driver of the bus ripped apart by a terrorist bomb told last night how he tried to rescue his injured passengers in the minutes after the explosion. "

This is true success. This is what is truly honorable and courageous. Not those pitiful bombers.

And it is people like this man, George Psarabakis, whom God will honor, while the terrorists will be reviled.

Consider Mr. Psarabakis' love for humanity in these actions. No doubt badly shaken by the blast, he thought outside himself for the sake of others. He overcome fear and shock that no doubt left many in the bomb's path emotionally crippled. Something inside him, something born and matured over many years, welled up and sprang forth. None of us knows how we will respond to a crisis until we are in its midst, but the character necessary for such bravery and selflessness as this was already present in this man. May I never have to face such horror, but may I have such qualities as possessed by Mr. George Psarabakis on July 7, 2005.


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