Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good vs. Evil: A clear picture of the terror war players

Portion of story:

27 killed in Baghdad suicide

Police: Most of dead were children getting treats from U.S. troops

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A suicide bomber blew up a vehicle Wednesday near a
U.S. military convoy and large group of Iraqi children in Baghdad, killing 27
people, Iraqi police and hospital officials said.

Iraqi police said most of the dead were children. ...

"The soldiers were handing out treats to the children when the bomb went
off, police said.

So our troops reach out to hand out treats to children, and the terrorists reach out to blow the children up. I'm thankful CNN mentioned the good deeds of our troops, as it seems the mainstream media (commonly known as the MSM) too often focuses on their failures while ignoring or belittling their successes.

May we pray for the families and loved ones of those lost and injured in the blast, and that God will heal the bodies and hearts of those injured and otherwise scarred by this evil and totally ungodly act.

And may God help us to pray for those who submit to this evil. I do not have enough knowledge to say whether the Koran endorses such acts or whether Islam really is a religion of peace, but the fact remains that the terrorists are using Islam as a reason. I heard on the news this morning that one prominent Muslim said that his fellow believers have not risen up en masse against the bombers because they fear it will make it seem like they are on our side. Although directed toward the terrorists financial network and its supporters, President Bush's remarks on November 7, 2001 speaks to all aspects of the dividing line between those who support us and those who support the terrorists: "You are with us or you are with the terrorists. And if you're with the terrorists, you will face the consequences." So, if these certain Muslims fear they will be seen as being on our side if they denounce the terrorists, then they should not be surprised that they will be seen as being on the terrorists side if they don't denounce the terrorists. Plain and simple.


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