Thursday, July 21, 2005

Appreciating the talents and successes of others

I appreciate the perspective in this piece (click the heading of this post to access it). Stepping back to the Achieve Personal Significance principle temporarily, if I may, it's a reminder that we are not necessarily created equal in every area of our abilities and talents, and that we shouldn't begrudge those who are especially gifted in certain areas which we are lacking. It says we shouldn't reward everybody equally (such as bestowing honors upon the majority of a college graduating class rather than upon the top performers).

As the author Dylan Evans states in the final paragraph:

The rest of us should cherish those who possess such talent, for they are
one of our most valuable resources. They are the scientists who will come up
with the life-saving medicines of the future, the artists who will inspire us
with new works of beauty, the sportsmen and women who will amaze us with their
strength and skill. If we want society to progress rather than stagnate, we must
learn to be more generous, and rediscover the lost art of pure admiration.

I believe each of us has a destiny, a reason why God put us here. I may not be able to paint like Da Vinci or write like T.S. Eliot, but all God is calling me to do is use the gifts and talents He has given me, to His glory and to the best of my ability. If each of us does that, together we'll make great things happen in this world.

But few of us should expect to make such an impact on the world as those special few whose gifts far outweigh those of most people. If any of you are among those particularly talented, please don't forget the Lord that was gracious enough to endow and entrust you with such special abilities. And shine forth His glory through them in all you do.


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